Shasta’s high mix manufacturing technique focuses on parallel processing and set-up reductions in order to reduce initial set-up costs.
Prototype Manufacturing
Don't waste your scarce R&D resources in manufacturing related tasks. We specialize in quick-turn manufacturing and prototype services that provide customers with 24 hour to 10-day turnaround times.
Functional and environmental test screening.
Consulting with customers and their suppliers early in the component selection process, which ensures an efficient, supply stream that focuses not only on cost, but also on accountability of components and component life cycle.
Quality Control
Adherence to strict quality control standards, investment in high tech production facilities and equipment, and full logistics support. ISO 9001 Certified: Shasta EMS facility and processes are managed to meet and exceed the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard for Quality Management Systems.
Cable Harness
We offer discrete cable and wiring harness assemblies for a variety of cables types using Molex, AMP, Hirose, JAE, JST RJ45, and mini-Fit connectors.

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